Musée Imaginaire


l’île Sans Temps

Olafur Eliasson

The Weather Project, 2003

Tatiana Trouvé

I Tempi Doppi, 2014

Paysages Karstiques

Marina Abramović

Freeing the Memory, 1975

Gianni Pettena

Wearable Chairs, 1971

Michel Blazy

Bar à Oranges, 2012

Charles Horton Cooley

Looking-Glass Self

Bertram Forer

Barnum Effect

Yoann Bourgeois

I wonder where the dreams I don’t remember go, 2020

Hiroji Sugimoto


Andy Goldsworthy

Rivers and Tides, 2001

Henri Bergson

Matière et Mémoire, 1896

Giuseppe Penone

Series Essere Fiume (To Be a River)